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We are a team of experienced software engineers, sharing an office at the technological heart of Salzburg. At the Techno_Z we are in good company of service providers, domain authorities, tech startups and a lovely Coworking Space.

We provide a wide range of solid, professional software engineering services. In the past we have worked on giant websites — web, mobile and desktop applications. We are also available for bookings as consultants or trainers.

Die Netzarchitekten
Salzburg, Austria
Jakob-Haringer Straße 1, 2. Stock, Raum 212
Benjamin: +43 (0)660 / 561 99 49
Hannes: +43 (0)664 / 156 33 23

Your Team

A great project needs passionate people.

Hannes W. Moser

The core topic of Hannes work is the WWW. He is proficient in designing web services and he also can be the architect of your next big web application.

His weapons of choice are modern programing languages and paradigms. He has a special interest in reactive applications, API design and media streaming/transcoding.

He also used to work as an operations engineer for several big websites. Creating a stable infrustructure and identifying performance bottlenecks is his pleasure.

Hannes is available for project, freelance and consulting work. If you want him to sit next to you, be aware of his licking dog.

Benjamin Erhart

Benjamin has a long history of developing high-profile mobile applications. Starting his career in the automotive industry, he built up his 15 year knowledge of software engineering in plenty of fields.

To name only some of them — web applications, native and cross-platform mobile applications, project management and technical consulting.

As an active part of the IT security community, he proves also flair in dealing with privacy and security issues.

Benjamin is available for project, freelance and consulting work. You will get an expert with the right attitude and an eye for details.

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Hourly rates


Book us for more than a month and fulltime. Our hourly rate will drop to 70€/hr.


We can help your team out on technical difficulties. We also offer support during the technical evaluation phase. Starting from 100€/hr.


If you are not in a hurry and you just need us for some hours on an irregular basis. Starting from 80€/hr.


You have a fixed budget and you cannot pay us on an hourly basis. Book a project package. Starting from 85€/hr.
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